Wedding Photography

You've worked to ensure that your wedding is going to be perfect. The right dress, a beautiful location, and your closest friends. A day to remember forever. Your memories may fade, but the wedding photographs will last forever. Do you want to trust phone cameras, cousins, and selfies to record the best day of your life? Award-winning Raleigh photographer Don Butto can capture the magic of your special day for you to relive for years to come.

We offer individual sessions or wedding packages based on your needs, including:

Engagement Session  |  Bridal Catalog  |  Wedding Ceremony  |  Reception


The engagement is the beginning of your new life together, and engagement photos document your amazing news. The engagement session can be done in our fully-equipped studio or on site at a park. We can capture special poses together or recreate that special moment he popped the question. Perfect for your engagement announcement in the newspaper. Start your life together the right way with a quality artistic set of engagement photos.

Bridal Catalog

A catalog of bridal photos is the perfect way to memorialize the beautiful bride in her wedding gown. Award-winning Raleigh photographer Don Butto will work with you to create a Bridal Catalog that you will cherish forever. Composed and shot in our fully-equipped studio or at your home, these posed photographs capture the radiance of the bride-to-be as she prepares for the blessed event. We understand how busy you are, so prepare to be treated like a queen ~ just relax, feel beautiful, and enjoy the experience. To be sure your wedding album captures the magic forever, trust a professional photographer to document your dreams coming true.

Wedding Ceremony

The stage is set: family and friends are assembled, the church buzzes with excitement, flowers adorn the altar, the groom anxiously awaits. As the music strikes up and the bride begins down the aisle, will the wedding photographs capture the bride's radiant happiness for posterity? Will the photographs adequately capture the magic of the day, creating treasured memories? When you need a talented photographer to document the best day of your life, why entrust your relatives with cell phone cameras? Raleigh photographer Don Butto will capture both the ceremony and the bride in all their resplendent glory. The wedding ceremony photo session consists of both candid and posed photographs, taken before, during, and after the blessed event.


After the beauty and formality of the wedding ceremony, the party begins. Smiles and tears of happiness abound, congratulations fly, toasts are offered, dancing commences, the cake is cut. The traditional first dance as man and wife is taken. These precious moments are the first defining moments of your new life together. Raleigh photographer Don Butto will capture these moments in their infinite glory for you to enjoy long into your marriage. Your family members will silently smile as they look upon these treasured moments years from now.