Family Portraits by Raleigh Photographer Don Butto

Your family is the most important thing in your life. You realize that this moment in the life of your family is fleeting, and you want to capture the happiness and beauty of it for eternity. The children are always growing, the family dynamic is ever-changing. Before you realize it, the children will be grown and out of the home, seemingly in the blink of an eye. Photos of your family, beautifully composed and full of emotion, serve to augment the memories that you and your family will create together.

Family Sessions

You want to capture the beauty and love of your family the way that you experience it. Photographs are not just snapshots – when skillfully done, they can capture the emotions of a moment in time. Raleigh photographer Don Butto understands this implicitly and will work with you and your family to capture the interplay and genuine emotion that define your family. Either in our fully-equipped studio, your home, or on location, family photographs are ideal for displaying in the home or office.

We can also do Holiday-style shoots for high quality family holiday cards. Whether just the kids or the entire family, your holiday cards will share the love that your family experiences every day.

Maternity Sessions

As you await the joyful arrival, you and your partner are awash in love. You want to capture for posterity the emotions, glow, and happiness you are feeling in anticipation of the blessed event. Your body is changing, and your life is changing – in a short time, it will change again as your child comes into the world. Your family is about to grow by at least one. Documenting this magical time in the life of a family is important to you. Raleigh photographer Don Butto will capture the emotions, excitement, and joy you are experiencing so you may one day look back fondly on this time in your life.

Maternity sessions may be solo, with your partner, or with other children – what will be consistent is that genuine emotions and interactions will be captured. Whether they are taken in our fully-equipped studio, in your home, or on location, we will bring out the best in you.

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After the arrival of the newest member of your family, Raleigh photographer Don Butto can capture the magical moment. Newborn photos, with or without the family, will document your child's entry into the world. As the child grows and changes, we can document his or her progress on a regularly scheduled basis to capture your most cherished moments. Photos may be posed alone or with mother, or both. Newborn/infant photography requires a sensitive photographer, one in tune with the special requirements of successfully capturing the moment. The lighting, lenses, environment, and composition for this type of photography is different than standard shoots. Whether it be in our fully-equipped studio, at your home, or on location, get grandma's knitted blanket, the baby's favorite toys, and cutest outfit ready for the most natural and emotion-filled infant photographs possible. Capture the overwhelming feelings of love and happiness that you and your family are experiencing from the joyous arrival, and enjoy them for decades to come. Your child will only be a newborn once—make sure the photos are of the highest quality.


As the children grow, they go through many stages. Whether they be toddlers, children, tweens, or teens, each child is a precious gift with his or her individual personality and talents. As a parent, you want photos of your child to capture their development and unique personality. Raleigh photographer Don Butto will capture the essence of each child in whichever environment you choose: at home, on location, or in our fully-equipped studio. Years from now, marks on the wall documenting the growth of your children, snapshots, or poorly posed school pictures will not have the same impact nor mean as much to you as professionally taken, expertly posed photographs of them. The decision now to hire a talented photographer will pay off for years to come. Let Raleigh photographer Don Butto create memories to last a lifetime.

Grow-up Plan

As your family matures, we can capture your children's progress over the years. Raleigh photographer Don Butto can document the growth of your children from birth (or before) to the high school portrait. Our grow-up plan involves a subscription fee and regularly scheduled photo sessions in our fully equipped studio, at your home, or on location. Contact us to set up a plan that is right for you.

As your "go-to" Raleigh photographer, I will always go out of my way to ensure that each family photography session is special and that we capture "real" smiles, emotion and laughter. It's important to me for each family member to feel comfortable and have lots of fun during the photography session. As your Raleigh photographer, I will focus on creating amazing family photographs that you will be anxious to hang on the wall and share with family and friends. Being a big kid myself, I get along great with kids of all ages. I get down on their level, literally, and keep things fun. Whether you want your special family occasions such as holidays, reunions or birthdays documented or you need updated family photos, I look forward to being your Raleigh Photographer for all your family photography needs.

Family Portraits Gallery

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